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Vehicle Starting problems

Vehicle Starting problems

When your car or truck won’t start, it could be a weak or dead battery, or it could be that you need to replace the starter.

A Starter is a motor that takes electrical current and starts the combustion process in the car when you insert the key and turn it to the start position.

If you hear a clicking noise, and you know the battery is fine, then you probably need to replace your starter.

How do you know if your battery is fine? If you are able to turn on your headlights and they’re bright, the radio is loud, and your automatic windows work well, then your battery is fine.

So, if the clicking noise happens when you turn the key, and “nothing happens,” it’s probably time to replace your starter. Before starters go bad, you’ll typically experience a couple of “slowed starts,” and/or hear several clicks before the vehicle actually starts up.

In downtown Victoria, BC, Mac’s Auto Electric at 496 Bay Street sells rebuilt starters which function as well as new for a fraction of the cost. In addition, the master technicians at Mac’s can replace your starter motor. You will also find their prices affordable.

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