Mac’s Auto Electric carry many products like Alternators, Starters, Batteries.; We are located at 496 Bay St, Victoria, B C. Also large inventory of New & Rebuilt Car & Marine batteries in our store. Free Express Delivery 1 Day in Vancouver. We have been operating since 1996. Best Prices guarantee in Victoria. We offer the best services and quality products for Alternators, Starters, Batteries for Automotive/ Marine/ Industrial applications. We offer free Electrical Diagnostic. If you don’t find the part you are looking for, or have Any questions! Call: 1-250-383-0101 or Email us at: We look forward to serving you. Installation Available.

    Magnacharge Batteries

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    Macs Auto Electric! Your one-stop for all your Battery needs. We offer New Master Select Batteries made by Magnacharge for all Vehicles, Marine, applications at Great Prices. Large inventory of New batteries with 30 Months full National warranty. Any questions! Call: (250)-383-0101.

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    Marine Battery

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    Full line of Master Select Marine Batteries made by Magnacharge in stock with full national warranty. Group 24, 27, 31, 4D, 8D and 6V & 8Volt Golf Cart Batteries. AGM, Gel Batteries, etc..For Marine Applications. Any questions! Call: (250)-383-0101.

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    Used Batteries

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    Mac’s Auto Electric can provide you with a used battery if you’re on a budget. We have a large variety of used automotive batteries that have been fully checked. They come with 30 days full warranty and a core is required at purchase. If a core is not provided, there will be a fully refundable core charge applied. Occasionally a battery is replaced that has nothing wrong with it other than it was discharged either from a faulty alternator or a draw on the battery. $49.95 with trade -in for most batteries. We are located at 496 Bay St. Any questions! Call: (250)-383-0101. We recycle dead Batteries and give you $$$.

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    Rebuilt Starters

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    We carry a large selection of Rebuilt Starter Motors and this is just a sample of our full product line. Starter's installation is available on our premises or at your location.  For Starter available online, we have an application list included with the product. Please enter the model of the vehicle in the search box. For example type in: Corolla Starter and see the results. If you have a specific question about an application! Call: (250) 383-0101.

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