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Everything you need to know about Starters, Alternators and Batteries

A car is a mechanical device, and like most mechanical devices, it will eventually have parts that will need replacement.  Some of the most common parts that will require replacement are parts that tied to the car’s electrical system.


The car’s starter does just that.  It takes an electrical current and starts the combustion process in the car.  Each engine manufacturer has a different starter, and to buy a new starter is very expensive.  Fortunately, we at Mac’s Auto Electric have many rebuilt starters in stock.  These rebuilt starters function as well as a new but often at a fraction of the original cost.


An alternator runs a car’s electrical system while the engine is running, thereby removing the battery from the electrical system.  Much like starters, alternators can be rebuilt for any make and model of car.  These rebuilt alternators will function as well and as long as a new alternator but again at a fraction of the cost.


Mac’s has an extensive line of batteries for all makes and models of cars and marine vehicles.  Unlike mechanical parts, batteries will eventually wear out completely.  Mac’s offers a free battery load test that checks on a battery’s condition.  Should your battery need replacement, Mac’s can install your new battery and take your old one for recycling as well.

Mac’s prides itself on being Victoria’s premiere electrical parts store.  We have a full, knowledgeable staff with a large warehouse of products in stock.  If we do not have your specific product, ordering is not an issue.  Come visit our convenient location at 496 Bay Street on the corner of Bay and Bridge.  We look forward to earning your trust and business.


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